The word on street is that a baby will be arriving…

Posted: September 16, 2003 in Everything

The word on street is that a baby will be arriving at our house sometime in November. My wife, Rochelle, is well into her seventh month. We are entering the home stretch marks!

A child–even before she arrives–radically shifts your priorities. For instance, before Ro became pregnant, we planned and dreamed of an Alaskan cruise. I had thoughts of setting sail on a city on the sea. I panted for breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains shooting out of ice-crusted earth. I wanted to see God’s overflowing beauty reflected in the open waters of the sea.

Having grown up in Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas, I thought I would see God at his grandest in Alaska. The tall pines of Mississippi, the red clay of Georgia and the desert brown of Texas never had given me that sense.

However, the financial necessities of baby-dom have arrested that dream for the time being. Our cruise turned into a crib, a car seat and cutesy clothes for a little girl.

I remember having a moment of immense selfishness, thinking to myself about how I missed Alaska. Then Rochelle grabbed my hand in the early hours of the morning and placed it on her stomach. Just then, my daughter-to-be kicked (she’s bound to be the cutest little girl EVER), and Alaska melted away.

Rochelle beamed! Her smile is heaven’s horizon.

That moment reminded me that God is grand–everywhere, always! May those who have eyes to see, see Him!

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