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Busy With Baby

Posted: December 17, 2003 in Everything

Rochelle and I have been busy to the point of exhaustion with a new baby at our house. My apologies for not posting more often, but I will get back to blogging when things settle down a little.

You should probably know that just when I begin to think my wife couldn’t be any more incredible, she surprises me. She cares for our daughter as if she was born for that job alone.

Keep us in your prayers!

A Baby at Christmas.

Posted: December 2, 2003 in Everything

Well, she’s here. Our not-so-little bundle of joy has arrived, and apparently has the lungs of an Olympic sprinter. I have never heard anything that loud in my life!! When our daughter is unhappy, everyone in our neighborhood is unhappy. She doesn’t cry, though. Someone, somewhere told me that babies cry a lot. Our’s doesn’t. She screams! I regularly fear that the neighbors are secretly suspecting that Rochelle and I are child-abusers. We aren’t, we just gave birth to a shouter…she’s bound to be Pentecostal.

Anyway, I writing today to simple ask for your prayers as Ro and I begin our foray into the world of parenting. It’s already more difficult and trying that I thought it could be. As Rochelle and I pray for the life of our daughter this Christmas season, let’s turn our attention again to the world’s most important birth–Jesus. It’s His birth that gives meaning to the rest of our lives.