Just last Sunday I returned from Buena Vista, CO a…

Posted: May 17, 2004 in Everything

Just last Sunday I returned from Buena Vista, CO and the Wild at Heart Boot Camp with John Eldredge. It was an awesome weekend! With the still frosted mountains of the Colorado Rockies as the backdrop, almost anything would be incredible.

Once again, God revealed Himself to me through his glorious creation. Rows of pine trees strecthed endlessly over the terrain, snow-capped mountains laid siege to us at Frontier Ranch–which has to be the nicest camp site I have ever seen, and cloudless blue skies smiled down on our gathering. If you have never been to this part of the country, you should get them there as soon as you can! I have always said that Colorado was my heart’s true home. Oh, how true that is!

Each visit to Colorado reminds me that my life is only partially what it was meant for. Rochelle and I honeymooned in Colorado, all my favorite writers live in Colorado, and a dormant part of my heart comes alive when my feet touch the cool earth of Colorado soil. God speaks to me there!

How I would love to simple move to Colorado, minister and write. I might even sacrifice golf to do that. No earthly pleasure compares to sensing the presence of God.

What were the words I heard God speak? Well, it was something like the words of Beauchene, “You are never a great man when you have more mind than heart.”

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