Posted: May 20, 2004 in Everything

I was glad to see American Idol reject, William Hung’s new music video. It’s a cover of Ricky Martin’s mega-dance hit, “She Bangs.” I remember watching the audition show of American Idol this season. In particular, I remember seeing William. Let’s all face it. He can’t sing! But that’s okay, he’s a engineering student at Stanford University. I’m sure he’ll be fine in the long run.

Right now, young William has new CD entiled, “Inspiration” and apparently it’s selling. My hope is that Willie knows that the world does not think he’s the second coming of Luther Vandross, but rather a new type of circus sideshow. If he does know–great. I hope he makes a killing singing at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and at AAA baseball games. If he doesn’t know, someone close to him should tell him. Because not to would just be mean.

William dances a lot too. He can’t dance either.

But the thing about William’ singing and dancing that is great is that he looks like he’s having so much fun. Wouldn’t you love that? Just to cut loose, let go and have fun and forget, or learn to appreciate, that other people are watching. William is living his dream of singing in front of thousands, though no one thinks he can sing. He’s going on tour. He’s doing interviews. He’s making videos.

Only singers do that! Oh, yeah, and William Hung. William wasn’t designed for singing, but he certainly has the desire, and he’s living the dream–if only for his 15 Minutes.

Do you ever wondered what life would look like, if just for 15 minutes, you could chase your dreams? If you could sing in front of the crowd or make up your own dance. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t you be free?

I wonder what dreams the rest of us would pursue if we could follow William’s “Inspiration.”

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