Mystical, Magical, Spiritual

Posted: June 7, 2004 in Everything

One of the major themes of my life and ministry is living from the heart. Some people don’t like it because they have shut down the voice inside them that wants to live a daring, risky, life that is sustained and fulfilled only by trusting in God’s goodness. They want a religious experience that is chock full of information gathering and downloading Christian tips and techniques from the latest spiritual guru.

I don’t like that!

I don’t like the way the church has reduced the cosmic, magical, mystical experience of knowing God and embraced dissecting glory like a worm pinned to a wax tablet sitting on a biology classroom desk. It gives me the same feeling I had when some silly science teacher explained how a rainbow glows or what makes the proper weather conditions for a lightning storm. Somewhere, someone has determined to explain away anything and everything that someone else might “wow” over. It seems to give them control if they can make what your heart loves something akin to a textbook. No one loves a textbook (except those who write them).

There is one thing that Christians everywhere need to remember, God never asked to be studied, God asks to be known.


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