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Posted: July 18, 2004 in Everything

I’ve had to do a lot of running around lately, so I have not been able to blog much–well, not at all.  So, for the sake of keeping up, here goes!


Over the last few years I have come to an ever-deepening conviction that church life should be marked by communal living as much, if not more so, as anything else. The problem is that community forces us to become exposed and vulnerable. Not ever having had true, deep community we don’t know, or have wide distrust, of whether or not it is worth it.


I’m provoked by these words from Jean Vanier. “Community is a place of pain, of death of ego. In community, we are sacrificing independence and the pseudo-security of being closed up. We can only live this pain if we are certain that for us being in community is our response to a call from God. If we do not have this certitude, then we won’t be able to stay in community.”

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