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Posted: September 22, 2004 in Everything

Okay! I know, I know. I need to blog more often. For a while, I stopped writing as frequently because I thought no one was reading. Then some odd things began to happen.

First, I started to get emails from people regarding the blog. They were actually reading it! And they were responding to it. I thought the clicks of my keyboard formed words that slowly dissipated into an internet worm-hole. Who would have guessed that people were reading? I was really blown away when I began to hear from people that I did not even know. Talk about cranking up the pressure–now I had to write AND say something constructive!

Second, I was visiting with a group of ministers and they began to tease me about how seldom I wrote. Some told me that they referred people to the site. I was floored by that too. I thought, my mother doesn’t read the blog often, who else would?

But finally, last week took the cake! I was speaking at a church across town. I left early anticipating typical Houston traffic. Fortunately, I arrived on-time, early in fact. As I entered the building, I saw a bulletin board in the hallway leading to the worship center. There was one, lone posting on the bulletin board. You guessed it, it was an article from my blog. I joked with the worship minister that they had just put the article there that day, since they knew I was coming. He said, “Oh, no. That’s been there for a while.” “Wow!” I said to myself, “Okay, God, I get the message. People are reading this thing, so I need to write.”

So here’s my pledge. I will try to write more often, if you all continue to read. Don’t be bashful about dropping in a comment or sending me an email. Those things let me know that you are out there reading. Just be nice. On the occasions when my mother does read the blog, she should see good things about her son. A few times a week I while try and let the blog community know what I’m thinking and praying about. Feel free to share yourself too.

I hope you are all blessed by the use of this internet space. And I pray that God continue to touch your lives.

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