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5 More Things I Think I Think

Posted: November 22, 2004 in Everything

1. Blogging regularly is more difficult than it looks. “Sure,” you say, “all it is is typing on a keyboard.” You’re right, it is just typing, but you have to have time to type and something to say. Lately, I’ve had neither.

2. A Fight in an NBA Basketball game that ranges into the stands where fans–deservedly–get punched does make the early basketball season interesting. I typically don’t get into basketball until Christmas, but the brawl between the Pistons and the Pacers Friday night got me interested. I’m sold out for basketball now. Ron Artest is suspended for the season (which is good because he wanted some time off to promote his new rap CD), and the Pacers are essentially sunk this year. Of course, no players should ever go into the stands, but fans have got to get themselves in check too. This year in sports has witnessed fans throwing batteries, taunting players about their personal lives, and spitting onto the field of play. In some ways I think it’s good that players have responded–though their lawyers and checkbooks would disagree. Nowhere else in society can you openly taunt someone, throw plastic bottles filled with rocks, or spit at someone without the risk of taking a right hook to the chin.

3. Your parents forget how they parented you when they become grandparents. When your parents become grandparents all those lessons about responsibility and accountability go away. For their grandchildren, it’s all about “What the baby wants.” My daughter turned one last Friday and both Grandma and Nana were in town over the weekend. Do I need to say more about this? Someone got spoiled this weekend and it wasn’t me.

4. If you’re planning on playing golf for the first time in 7 months, it will rain. I was planning on taking some of my vacation time today. I’m not. Enough said.

5. God is better to me than I deserve. Like I said earlier, Friday was my daughter’s first birthday. She is incredible. My wife is amazing. I’m running out of words to describe how great they are. God has been good to me.