A Little R & R

Posted: December 15, 2004 in Everything

This week, Rochelle, and I got to spend a few days with her oldest and dearest friend, Rebecca, and her husband, Russ. Russ and Rebecca are traveling across the lower United States to say “goodbye.” On January 22, they will leave their lives in the U.S. to spread life in a foreign country–they are becoming missionaries in Thailand!

A few summers ago they spent some time in Thailand with a mission team there, now they are going back to be a part of a tremendous work that shares the love of Jesus in country that is 95% Buddhist; talk about being outnumbered!

Rochelle and I are both excited for them and jealous of them; they are embarking on an adventure of Biblical proportions. Our hope is to be able to cobble enough money together in the next 6 months to go and visit with them.

I want all of you to be praying for Russ and Rebecca. They are wonderful people, who need and deserve your support. If you’re not already too drenched from your web surfing, check out their blog: http://russandrebecca.blogspot.com/ In January you will also be able to follow their actions more closely at www.russandrebecca.com Rochelle and I got to see the mock-ups for their site. It’s going to be awesome–just like they are.

  1. R Debenport says:

    Just got done posting our blogs and went over to check your site. Looks like we both had the same idea… it was a blessing to spend time together. Praise God for family. Take care.

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