Healing Hands

Posted: January 12, 2005 in Everything

I just returned from a trip out-of-town. I guess that’s something I should have mentioned earlier for all of you who keep checking back for updates. Anyway, as many of you know, when you go out-of-town for a week, there’s three weeks worth of work for you to do when you get back.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot keep my mind off the devastating tsunami in SE Asia. In addition, my mind is now drowning in thoughts about the deadly mudslides in California. I want to spend some time talking about the big “where’s God” question as it pertains to these events, but I will save that for later. Today, I just want to do what I can to spread some Light on the lives that are lost in some much darkness due to these events.

Last week I heard about a great organization, Healing Hands International . You might want to check them out and see what you can do to be light-bearers as well.

God Bless.

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