Posted: February 10, 2005 in Everything

If every man needs a quest then I’m in luck, because now I have a new one! Earlier this week, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just a few years back, both my grandmother and grandfather passed away from cancer, also. It is a horrible disease. Being that I live in Houston, TX, which is the home of MD Anderson Cancer Center, I am both fortunate that the people I know who encounter this nightmare have the best care in the world available to them, and unfortunate to see people suffer through both disease and treatment–though some of there stories are among the most inspiring you’ll ever hear. MD Anderson has one of the greatest mottos ever: “Making Cancer History.”

I hope the good women and men that work at Anderson do make cancer history. You see, it’s not just that my mother-in-law has cancer, but her mother died from breast cancer at about the same age my mother-in-law is now. It doesn’t stop there, either. Not only did my wife’s grandmother die from breast cancer, but so did her two sister and their mother. That’s right, four breast cancer deaths in two generations and a breast cancer diagnosis in a third generation.

It doesn’t take a brilliant mind to realize that my wife, Rochelle, is the fourth generation of women in this family, and my daughter Malia is the fifth. I am glad that there are people whose goal in life “making cancer history”. I want to help them, I now have a quest, a new place to bend my attention and incline my ear. The quest: To do whatever I can to aid and help the people who are dedicated to treating and ending cancer.

Would you join me?

Would you make a donation to The Cancer Research and Prevention Center. I actually heard about the center from Phil Gordon, co-host of Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown. For your donation, you can receive one of Phil’s books on poker. So there you go, you can join the quest to prevent cancer and learn how to make more money at the poker table so you can give more money to help prevent cancer. It’s a win-win situation. That is except for cancer; for cancer it’s lose-lose.

  1. Angie Jeter says:

    Great idea! And I like where you got it! I will donate!!!


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