5 More Things I Think I Think

Posted: April 27, 2005 in Everything

I good while back, I blogged about “5 Things I Think I Think”. Well, here’s five more.

1. No Matter How Beneficial Something Is to No Matter How Many People, Someone Somewhere Will Find a Way To Criticize It. This is particularly true, I think, in religion. A ministerial practitioner writes a wildly beneficial book and the theological gliterrati respond; “Have you seen his book? He misses this completely, he misinterprets this text, he is working from praxis (practice) and not theology.” Or just the opposite. A thoughtful theologian writes and insightful text and practitioners begin to shout; “So, what? Is this helping anybody. The Academy is out-of-touch. You got to meet people where they are and not force heavy theology on them right away.” I’ve never understood why people simply can’t accept the offering of others, accepts what feeds them and their community of faith and use it as a launching pad for further growth.

2. Without Email and My Cell Phone I Feel Cut-off From The World. I don’t know why. I haven’t always had email or a cell phone, but when my phone is not with me or my email is not working, I feel as if the world is moving ahead while I am standing still. I get my news through email and communicate to colleagues and friends through email, so if my electronic addictions aren’t working, then I’m worthless.

3. As It Was When I Was A Kid, I Think Worship Services Are My Least Favorite Part of Being A Christian. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, the worship services at my church are great. I like them. But I would trade any worship service for summer camp, retreats, service projects, small groups, mission trips, a good, long conversation over cup of coffee, etc. I have just always felt like true Christianity was best expressed outside the church building.

4. The Designated Hitter Rule Should be Abolished. Hey, American League Baseball, if you can play in the field you can stand in the box. That’s the way you play on the playground, in high school and college and in the National League. You’re the only ones who play DH ball. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that?

5. Discipleship Is The Lost Art of The Church. Somehow, Christianity become about facts, figures, propositions and doctrinal statements. Discipleship became a science instead of an art. People learned the data, but often never became more personally devoted to the cause of Christ in the lives, their family or society. Too many church-going men abuse their wives and children. Christian executives host Bible studies during lunch and then rip off their investors by cooking the books at the next days board meeting. Many children never see their parents pray except at church or over dinner. So-called Christian activists parade in front of news cameras with signs reading: “God Hates Fags!” Does that sound like something you would hear Jesus saying? We’ve had far too much emphasis on looking like Christians and not enough on being Christians.

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