5 More, More, More Things I Think I Think

Posted: August 13, 2005 in Everything

I return today with a new list of 5 Things I think I think:

1. The Baseball Hall of Fame should have a special wing for all power hitters starting in the late 80’s up until now and call it “The Steroid Era Wing.” This would allow all the power numbers of Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Raphael Palmeiro to be included in the hall, yet acknowledge what we all know!

2. Mac is better than PC. I type this entry at me favorite new spot, Port City Java, on my favorite new thing, my 14-inch iBook G4. It was easy to set up, get started and I’ve already made a movie using iDVD. You gotta get one of these!

3. The Biggest Problem in the Church is Our Inability to Adapt and Reach Out. We are great at handling technical issues. We will deal with text issues all day and night while evangelism is non-existent and our numbers dwindle. Could we PLEASE spend some time on something that matters?! BTW, if it doesn’t bring people to Jesus or make someone a better disciple it isn’t something that matters (Just in case you were wondering).

4. My Daughter, While the Cutest 20-month Old in the World, Grows Cuter Everyday. I feel sorry for other parents whose kids aren’t as cute as Malia. We will try to teach her to be humble about her brilliant smile and captivating personality–but some things you can’t control. Then again, this may just be the opinion of one proud papa!

5. I Married a Fantastic Woman. Rochelle’s birthday was yesterday. I love birthdays–as I’ve written before–because they allow me to celebrate another person–not for a role they play (mother, wife, father, etc..)–but for who they are. I couldn’t not ask for a better wife. Ro, you don’t look but a day over 30! 🙂

  1. Serena Voss says:

    #2 Our entire Middle School has been outfitted with I-Pods. It takes consequences to a whole new level. If a student doesn’t charge it before he comes to class, or if he accidentally leaves it at home, he is stuck having to use the (snicker, snicker)textbook.

    #3 I couldn’t agree with you more.

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