The Weight of Glory

Posted: September 20, 2005 in Everything

Whenever I begin to feel a spiritual lull I know that I can always return to the thoughtful commentary of C.S. Lewis. This winter my wife, Rochelle, and I are teaching a class on the life and teachings of C.S. Lewis. I think we might call it “No ‘Ordinary’ Life” taken from Lewis’ “Weight of Glory”. Here’s a thoughtful little quote from ‘Glory’ concerning God’s expectations and sin.

“Our temptation is to look eagerly for the minimum that will be accepted. We are in fact very like honest but reluctant taxpayers. We approve of an income tax in principle. We make our returns truthfully. But we dread a rise in tax. We are very careful to pay no more than is necessary. And we hope–we very ardently hope–that after we have paid it there will still be enough to live on.”

  1. R Debenport says:

    any chance those classes will be downloadable?? sounds like something we don’t want to miss.

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