I Can’t Lose!

Posted: October 6, 2005 in Everything

Ahh! October. Some argue that October is the best month of the sports year. They have good case. Basketball is about to get started, college and professional football will are in full swing and the Major League Baseball playoffs have begun.

Last night, Rochelle was asking me to catch her up on the past 5 months of baseball. She doesn’t really pay attention until the playoffs, but as the post-season goes deeper, she will stay up late into the night, living and dying with every pitch or hit of whichever team she choose to cheer for in the next few days.

Here is Houston, my hometown Astros and 1 game up on my former hometown Braves. I live in Houston and follow the team all year, but I’ve been a Braves fan from the crib–thanks to TBS, The Super-Station. People frequently ask me who I’m pulling for. My response: “I can’t lose!” Though between the two of us, my heart is still in Atlanta.


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