Posted: February 1, 2006 in Everything

You know that the State of the Union was boring when TV pundits start talking about what they did for lunch that day, as did the two guys my wife and I watched last night. Can’t belive that scrubbed “Scrubs” so we could be reminded that Democrats don’t like Rupublicans and vice-versa.

Does anybody care about this Super Bowl? It’s the “I Don’t Care Bowl” in the “I Don’t Want To Go To City”. Pittsburg vs. Seattle in Detroit–looks like I’ll be glued to the commercials.

I heard a lot about the national deficit lately. What’s up with that? Is there someone we owe that money to? Who gave us the loan? If we can go this long without paying it, maybe we should get some more.


Corette Scott King died yesterday. That’s a shame. Gone now are the national black leaders who actually have something worthwhile to say. Please, Lord, bring us someone besides Al Sharpton.


I heard someone say last week that the next Presidential election will be Hilary vs.Condelezza. That’s gotta be more entertaining that Pittsburg vs. Seattle. Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if the two of them would just duke it out for the Presidency. I’m putting my money on Condi–she’s from the streets.

Catch You later…

  1. Zach says:

    Scrubs was on right after. It may have been a rerun, though.

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