Away at ACU

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Everything

Right now I’m sitting in the campus center of my alma mater, Abilene Christian Univerisity. I’m teaching two classes on the Emergent Church Conversation at their annual Bible Lectureship.

I am always amazed by the people interested in the Emergent and Missional church. They are young, old, midddle aged; everything. They are from big churches and small churches, cities and small towns. They come in just about every stripe you can imagine. The one thing they share in common is a great love for God and a deep desire to see others experience the grace, love, and goodness of God. Every person I’ve meet since I began to engage this conversation are missional, vibrant people of faith. They want to take their faith into the streets and be used by God.

Boy, I wish we had more of them. Man, do I wish I were more like many of them. I’m a good talker, these folks are great doers. I’m constantly inspired by people who are giving everything to advance the kingdom of God. And these folks aren’t just doing it for show or to be preachy to others. They are living out the full implications of the gospel. Their lives are a powerful testimony to me.

I think that if there were more Christians like these folks, there would simply be more Christians. My prayer is that more folks would get out of there pew and seek to be Jesus to their world. After all, that’s what following Jesus is all about.

  1. melanie says:


    I am glad to hear a report from your class, and glad it is going well. I am sure that you are hearing lots of inspiring testimonies. Can’t wait to hear about it when you guys get back.

    Tell Ro I said, “Hey!”

  2. kevin beck says:

    Glad to hear that ACU is interested in Emergent stuff. I was at the Yale conversation earlier in Feb. It was great. Also, I was honored to speak at the ACU lectures a couple of years back. Mark Love is a great guy. Hoe it goes well for you.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks so much for the prayer and effort you invested in the Emergent classes. The perspectives, challenges, and descriptions were fantastic. It was also encouraging to see the emergent, missional, church planting, evangelism conversation move into the foreground. Blessings!

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