Adventures In Missing the Point

Posted: March 22, 2006 in Everything

Brian McLaren has helped give me a vision for the church and Christianity as an adult. Tony Campolo helped Jesus become meaningful for me as a teenager. Here are some words from their book, Adventures In Missing The Point.

I love their take on what salvation means, and what Jesus came to do. It’s a sharp contrast to what a lot of people are wanting to get out of Jesus.

“Salvation doesn’t mean slitting Roman throats and getting power. Salvation means being liberated from the cycle of violence, liberated from the need to be in power. God wants to save you from your present life of hatred and fear, and instead reconnect you with God’s original plan for the descendants of Abraham. Even as an oppressed people, you can be a blessing. Instead of slitting a Roman soldier’s throat, carry his pack for him. Instead of cursing him, pray for him. I am here to save you from the whole system of insult and revenge–not by giving you political victory (as you and I would, and not by telling you to give up on this life and instead focus on salvation from hell after this life (as some people are going to do in my name)–but by giving you permission to start your participation in God’s mission right now, right where you are, even as an oppressed people. The opportunity to start living in this new better was is available to you right now: the kingdom of God is at hand!”

  1. R Debenport says:

    Those three Christians who were just rescued from Iraq are teaching me something about salvation. Maybe “salvation” is what they’ve been living out for the past 4 months. Disciples like these guys really get me thinking, wondering what I’m doing w/ my life.


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