Dear Church

Posted: August 3, 2006 in Everything

I’m taking a break from the “Authentically Black” series to give everyone a heads up about a new book. Sarah Raymond Cunningham has written a wonderful book, entitled, Dear Church:Letters from a Disillusioned Generation.

Dear Church is a series of letters from Sarah to the church concerning the issues she views as those most deeply affecting young adults and the young at heart. She is a thoughtful, elegant writer, and you would be more than blessed by reading her book. Dear Church just hit store selves this past Tuesday, so your local might not have it, but of course it is available on

I was privilege to read and offer insight to Sarah’s first chapter. She found me via this blog and asked for my feedback. In truth, I offered very little because what she wrote was so thorough. In a gesture of thanks, Sarah has listed me–along with other writers and bloggers–in the acknowledgements section of her book.

You can add your own thoughts and letters at and become part of a community that looks to do more than complain and gripe about the problems facing the church and seek lasting dialogue and solutions.


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