Road Trip

Posted: November 21, 2006 in family, road trip

I’m not a fan of road trips.

Never have been.

The idea of sitting in a car going across the country is almost death to me. My brother, Richard, is the complete opposite. He loves being in the car and driving. A guy who cannot normally sit down for five minutes can drive for hours on end. I don’t get that! He once thought about being a cross-country truck driver. That’s how much he loves it. I can’t think of anything I would dread more.

Anyway, tonight I find myself in the middle of a road trip. My family is off to see more family for Thanksgiving. In all honesty, I’ve been married to my wife for almost nine years, and today was the longest time we’ve ever spent in a car together (10 hours).

I hate road trips and I avoid them at nearly all cost.

But, alas, I broke down and now we’re spending the night in a Marriott in Jackson, MS, the city in which I was born. And tomorrow promises only more driving.

They say that you can learn a lot about a person on a road trip. I think my wife and daughter have learned something about me: I hate road trips. But then again, I could have told them that beforehand.

I wish there was something profound or inspiring to say about this experience so far, but there isn’t. I look forward to picking up my grandmother tomorrow. I look forward to seeing my mother, my brother, my best friend from high school who’s wife just gave birth to their first child, and I look forward to eating my mother’s cooking. I just don’t look forward to the seven more hours of driving ahead of me tomorrow.

Pray for me, y’all!

  1. God says:

    Stop whining and enjoy the view!

  2. Sean says:

    Point taken!

  3. jesus says:

    I agree with god. you know what my boy, Paul, said: do everything without…

  4. Melanie says:

    Sounds like we should be praying for Rochelle and Malia! Maybe Ro will do some of the driving so you can sit in the back seat and watch movies with Malia. 🙂 Think of it this way – you could be in the office this week…Enjoy the family time!

  5. Melanie says:

    P.S. Still waiting to hear from “Holy Spirit”…

  6. holy spirit says:

    thanks Melanie. Sean, I was trying to tell you something during those 10 hours of driving but I couldn’t get your attention.

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