Video Blog — How’s Christmas at Your House

Posted: December 7, 2006 in Everything
  1. jch says:


    I left a comment this morning on this post and apparently it didn’t take. In a nutshell I said that I applaud your attempt at getting to the heart of Xmas. Our family is attempting to do the same. But I’m discouraged in our attempts because of the barrage of images that overwhelm us.

    On another note, I want to know how to video blog. Want to let me in on the secret? e-mail me at

    peace, Palmer – Joe Clyde

  2. Michele says:

    I stumbled on your blog from russ and rebecca’s blog and read your xmas blog. I am getting married in a couple of weeks and my fiance and I have decided we will not celebrate christmas like the world does with our own family. We feel convicted at the mixing of Jesus with idols like Santa, materialism, christmas trees and vanity. I feel it has made a mockery of Christ and grieves Him. You will not believe the opposition I have received from Christians and my family over it. It has been incredibly hard to keep my thoughts focused on what the Lord wants with an uproar from family and friends that we don’t want gifts and can’t partake in certain family traditions anymore. It was refreshing to read your blog and I believe the Lord used to encourage me to stay strong as I am getting married in the holiday season and Christmas is all around me. I pray that Christians will begin to see that we have been deceived and that Satan has taken a hold of a lot of things with Christmas that we are blind to. Thank you. Blessings

  3. R Debenport says:

    Enjoyed the “vlog” – I guess I’m behind because I just heard of a “vlog” this morning as I looked at the one on Joe Hays’ blog and now yours. Anyway, good to hear your voice and a good message for me as I start my day (I’m starting my day at 4am this morning because I’m just that disciplined . . . or because we are 14 hours behind Thailand but my body doesn’t seem to know that). Look forward to catching up with you guys soon.

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