You’re Rich

Posted: December 22, 2006 in Christmas, rich

During this Christmas season, when all of us are coveting more than should be humanly possible, you might want to check out The Global Rich List. Here you simply type in your yearly earnings and it calculates where you are on the global rich list. Now you can see where you stack up against the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets of the the world. And I think you’ll be surprised — I was.

After seeing where I fell on the list I was awed again by how rich the average American is, and how much poverty exist in the world. I was more than awed. I was ashamed. I heard Jim Wallis Wednesday night on “Anderson Cooper 360” say that wealth is always meant to be shared, and I think he’s right.

This year our family decided to only give gifts for Christmas that blessed the poor and oppressed. Maybe next year we’ll skip gift-giving altogether and give more to the people who are further down on the list. Merry Christmas.

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