Style in Ministry

Posted: December 28, 2006 in Everything

Thought these thoughts from Mark Driscoll were appropriate. One of the struggles I constantly face is dealing with people who have no clue about being in the culture. Many folks I know want people to convert more to the conservative, white Christian sub-culture than convert to Christ.

  1. Angela Greenberg says:

    So true! Not only are those unconventional groups of people not reached, but the few with the “unusual” styles who are, ultimately fail to fit in in the conservative, traditional churches no matter how hard they try. What a shame that they seek The Word only to get disenfranchised from The Body.

  2. R Debenport says:

    Good comparisons at the end between domestic missions and international missions. Increasingly for us to serve the world effectively we must think cross-culturally, even within our own country. I feel the first step is to become learners again: to question, listen and care. Only then do we earn the right to teach. Merry Christmas Sean and have a great 2007, brother.

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