Things I Shouldn’t Say (don’t think less of me).

Posted: January 11, 2007 in iPhone, speech acts, Trump

For the sake of integrity, I feel that every now and then I should share my spiritual weaknesses with you all. It’s true. I am not perfect. There are many areas in life in which I struggle. One of those areas is coveting.

And you better believe that after watching Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacExpo this week, I am in full coveting mode over the new iPhone. Now you should know, the “iPhone” name won’t stick. My best information is that another company does, and has for a while, own the trademark name “iPhone.”

But who cares what it’s called? This phone is the most amazing device I’ve ever seen and I want one NOW! My coveting is so deep that I actually thanked God that I had already decided to switch my cell service to Cingular in June when my contract with another carrier is over. I truly felt that the end of my contract, the fact that I was going to buy a new iPod this summer and the release of the iPhone all in June was providential. How crazy is that?

And on a lighter side, I usually detest celebrity news but I’m loving the Trump vs Rosie feud. Before Rosie got off her blasts against Trump and his hair (which she released simply because he gave a troubled girl a second chance) I never really cared for either, but I’ve gotta say, “I’m loving The Donald right now.” Rosie picked a fight that she can’t win. She thought she was being funny by making fun of Trump for no real reason and he unleashed a brutal attack on her. The smack that he is laying on her – and Barbara Walters now too – has been classic. She showed up for a gunfight with a rubber knife and she’s getting her clock cleaned. Yesterday Trump called her a “third-rate comedian” and that Barbara said, “working with her was like a living hell.”


Now, I’m not on Donald’s side because of the mean things he’s said (things that shouldn’t have beens said about anyone), but rather because Rosie has a history of shooting off her mouth, saying hateful and hurtful things about people. It was just a few weeks ago that for no reason at all she called Kelly Ripa homophobic . And apparently, I’m not the only person who thinks that Rosie has created this herself. I’m not saying that she deserves this or that getting torn up in the media is good. But it seems like the majority of Americans might.

We live in a politically correct culture where anyone who called someone else “fat, ugly, disgusting, etc…” would hear from every circle that he or she needed to apologize–and they would need to. But in this case there’s been no calls to apologize. No one has said anything. Why? Because it’s Rosie. The majority response has been the sound of one hand clapping. It’s almost like people are saying, “Yeah, that’s Rosie!” If Trump had called anyone else “disgusting” he would have had serious consequences, yet in this case, everyone just seems to be happy to watch the daily furor.

I think there’s a lesson here about being a person who speaks words of grace about and to others. When you become known for attacking other people simply because you don’t like them or you don’t like their perspective or politics (and Rosie has launched vicious attacks on people who stand opposed to her politics) then there aren’t going to be a lot of people in line to defend you. And when you dishonor people, some people will dishonor you in return.

  1. Simpsongirl says:


    I absolutely don’t think less of you. I have known for a long time that you are not perfect. 🙂
    Takes one to know one, right?

    I haven’t been following the Rosie thing, but you make a very good point about reaping what you sow.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  2. ClayMan says:

    You’re a sinner! All this coveting and stereotyping… You should be ashamed of yourself!

    There, do ya feel better?

    What did you say that shouldn’t have been said? And, are you gonna get me a new MacPhone as well?

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