::Your Inner Geek::

Posted: February 17, 2007 in church, geek

I’ve long held to the hypothesis that everyone has an “Inner Geek.” What I mean by that is that whoever you are, no matter how cool, there is something – maybe even multiple somethings – that you are a geek about!

I’m mainly a geek about church. When going out-of-town or away on vacation, one of my chief concerns is which churches I’ll be able to go to. For instance, this spring I’m going to Malibu, CA, and you better bet that I’ll try to arrange my schedule to visit Mosaic in LA. In addition the coming months will take me to Raleigh, New Orleans, Abilene, and some other places I can’t quite remember right now, and you better bet I’m going to try and catch some innovative, missional church in the area. As a matter of fact, this past Advent season I tried to make four different church services on Christmas Eve. Alas, my wife’s sensibilities and high gas prices colluded to reduce me to only two services plus the Pope’s midnight mass.

I’m just a geek for church!

In my free time I read books about church, I write ideas about church, and I blog about church. Amazingly, many if these things never reach the light of day. It doesn’t matter to me though, it feeds my inner geek.

I have other things that I’m a geek about too. The are the following:

Crossword Puzzles – don’t ask.
Preaching – which has something to do with church.
Gadgets – especially if it’s made by Apple.

So what are you a geek about?

  1. Anonymous says:

    *Music for the church and church “stuff”
    *Musical groups that I love from the 80’s, especially His Royal Purpleness. :- )

  2. Leah says:

    Hey–happy to have discovered your blog (came over here from Blogshares). Oh, I’m a Theology Geek and a Church Geek, too, probably esp Church. Congrats on Katharine’s birth!!!!!

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