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Tony Dungy – Super Bowl Winner

Posted: February 5, 2007 in Everything

I love Tony Dungy!

And am so pleased that this man of deep faith, integrity, and character has reached the pinnacle of his profession. As I told my wife earlier tonight, “I like to see good things happen to good people.” I’ve followed Dungy since his days as defensive coordinator in Minnesota and was sorely disappointed when he was fired from Tampa Bay, only to see the team he built go on to win the Super Bowl the next year. I first heard about “All Pro Dads,” an organization dedicated to helping fathers father better, from Dungy, who was then the head of the organization. Our family hurt for his last year when his son – suffering from depression – committed suicide. Through it all, Dungy has faced life with character, righteousness, dignity and admirable sense of self.

Here are some paraphrases of things he said during his press conference after the Super Bowl that make him a great man.

1. This win doesn’t validate anything (for Peyton Manning). Great players are great players regardless of whether they win the Super Bowl.

2. God doesn’t care about who wins and loses (in football); it’s about the journey.

3. This should prove that a black coach can do it and a Christian coach can do it.

4. This proves that you can coach football, be a Christian and do it the right way. You can respect people AND be successful.

5. Whatever you do, God has prepared you for it.

What a good man. The NFL, and the world, could use a lot more like him.