Where I’ve Been

Posted: March 19, 2007 in Everything

Faithful readers might be wondering where I’ve been since the last post. Indeed, it’s been a while, but the time away from the keyboard has been well spent. Here what’s been going on…

1. Last weekend I was at Men’s gathering where Dr. Mark Love, professor and director of Ministry Events at Abilene Christian University, was the speaker. I was blown away with the thinking and writing Mark’s been doing concerning penal substitutionary atonement and salvation. It’s groundbreaking! I can’t wait for his upcoming book this September. I’m clearing out my reading so it can go to the front of the list. In addition, I deeply enjoyed the time driving and talking with Mark. I was struck by how frank, honest, and transparent he is.

2. After the weekend, I spent three days at my mother-in-law’s home. It was spring break, so both she and our family were on break. While there, I finished my final revisions for The Voice (at least I think they’re final). The Psalms won’t be out anytime soon, but check out the site to stay up to date.

I was planning to get more writing and reading done, but Rochelle’s car broke down (dead battery), and finding a tow truck in central Texas is pretty tough. Plus, come to find out, our car warranty company has gone bankrupt. I’m sure we’ll soon get a letter asking us to be a part of a class action.

3. Next I spent two days with the guys from my college prayer group. What a group! There is something special about having people in your life who know everything about you — AND I MEAN EVERYTHING — and love you anyway. I feel sad for people who have no place to go to be completely open. It is truly a blessing.

My good friend, Kraig, was nearly killed in a car accident on the way home. Originally, I was supposed to ride home with him. Glad I didn’t!

  1. ClayMan says:

    wow – praying for Kraig. And thanking God for His foresight to keep you riding somewhere else…

  2. kraig says:

    you’d be dead.

    I’m like Bruce Willis in unbreakable, though. I’m a freaking superhero.

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