Leaving Churches

Posted: June 7, 2007 in church, ministry

I recently read an article concerning why people leave churches. The author list six reasons.

1. Poor Leadership — “We don’t like the way you’re running things.”

2. Different Style — Different style / preferences in terms of preaching, music, etc…

3. Specific Program — Better kids or youth programs

4. Disillusionment — Frustration, etc…

5. Inner Hurts — Life pain / frustration and they turn from church

6. Church Size — When a church becomes too big!

Not at all surprising. Do these reasons hold water for you and your experience?

  1. Clayman says:

    Well, #3 and #6 do mean a lot to me. Unfortunately, they are usually mutually exclusive…

    I like a small church. My kids like to associate with other kids their own age and gender (imagine that!). We get that at a bigger church on Wednesday nights. Unfortunately, it’s so big that few people recognize me. Even after three years of attending there, I still am introduced as a visitor.

    #2 means a little to me – I can’t handle dancin’ in the aisles.

    #1 can be fixed and is no reason to leave a church.

  2. Quossum says:

    Numbers 4 and 5 resound for me. It’s not the church–it’s me!

    Have any suggestions for someone needing to feel renewed? C’mon, Sean, I’m singing Missing Person here!


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