More “Did You Hear About…?”

Posted: June 25, 2007 in Everything

Tonight I’m speaking at the Houston area Summer Youth Series. There should be about 800-1,000 students there tonight. I’m telling the grossest story ever, but it’s true and makes a great point, so I think it’ll work. ( A note to young speakers: You can’t tell bathroom stories until you get really good at it like me. 😉

I rented and watched “Saved” last week. It’s pretty tough on Christians, but says a lot about some of the Pharisaical behaviors that Jesus was pretty tough on too. If you haven’t seen it, rent it and watch it. If appropriate watch it with your teenage kids after you’ve seen it and can talk them through it.


Is this religious persecution? The Germans won’t let Tom Cruise – and the Scientology that comes with him – film in Germany. Check it out here.


Okay, I have to confess: I was generous in my review of Evan Almighty. The movie is just not that good! Now you all know.

I like Tom Shadyac’s movies though. Keep at it Tom, no one bats 1,000. (A note to Hollywood: Christians don’t like movies just because they’re “Christian.” They have to be good, too!)


You can vote for the cover of Donald Miller’s new book. Click here. I love Miller’s book – at least the beginnings and ends are always good – so pick a good one.


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