Week Two

Posted: October 22, 2007 in giving, missional
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Yesterday, we began our second week of drinking only water. The money we save will go to Living Water International. I’m hopeful that our church will donate $2,000 so that we can have a dedicated well in India. If we are shy of that mark our money will go to Ghana or Uganda where wells have been damaged this past year and are in need of repair.

I’m proud of many people in our church who have suffered through caffeine headaches and forsaken their typical comforts (and frankly feel sad for those who are not participatingthere are some things about God that can only be experienced through a fast). It’s during these times that we need to remember that Jesus not only loves the poor, but he identifies with the poor. When Christ says, “What you did for the least of these, you did for me,” he is aligning himself with the poor. I’m not sure what this means, and I trust that Jesus loves all people, but Jesus never identifies with the wealthy in the same manner He does the poor.

Jesus says, “I’m not just concerned about the poor; I am one of them.”

As I drink my water and nothing else this week, I’m aware that I could much more easily write a check to Living Water than suffer by drinking only water. But by choosing to live without, I can catch a small glimpse of what life is like for the least. By giving up something, I can realize just how much I have. And just how much I have to give. And by choosing to live without, I join Jesus in identifying with the poor.


P.S. Please keep in mind all our friends at Pepperdine University who are staring in the face of deadly wildfires.

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