Posted: October 30, 2007 in race relations

I might have jumped back in to the caffeine thing a little too quickly after having nothing but water for two weeks. Yesterday, I drank three large cups of coffee and a caffeinated soda late in the afternoon. I shouldn’t have. All day I was agitated. Little things got on my nerves. I felt aggressive. And all this on a day when I had fairly little anxiety. What’s more, I didn’t go to be until after midnight, then got up and went didn’t go back to bed until after 2 a.m. Plus, I was wide awake this morning. I gotta lay off the caffeine. Isn’t it interesting, the things we do to ourselves?


I’m doing some writing about Churches of Christ racial reconciliation efforts in the late 60’s, particularly the Nashville and Atlanta meetings of 1968. Fascinating stuff! It makes me wonder where have all the prophetic and restorative justice voices gone in my fellowship of churches?One of the guys I interviewed made this statement about preaching on the subject in a racial tense time: “I had to ask, ‘Is my silence being bought?'” Always a good question ask, I think.

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