Flowing/Healing/New Year

Posted: January 1, 2008 in books, family, grace, home, Katharine

Our family is flowing into the new year. Our youngest, Katharine, started it all this weekend with vomit and diarrhea. Malia, the big sister, join her right before dinner last night with enough vomit for a 350 lbs. man. And alas, yours truly, joined the fun around 4:00 am.

Rochelle is loving life right now, don’tcha know.

Anyway, the new year reminds us of what sickness demonstrates — we’re all broken, flawed people in need of second chances and redemption.

May God’s healing be richly showered on us all this new year!


Just finished reading Philip Yancey’s classic, “Where Is God When it Hurts” for the second time. This go around I’m left with more comfort and still more questions.

  1. Clayman says:

    Ya know – my lovely wife says “God made us gross to remind us that we are not gods.”

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