What I’m Thinking…Today

Posted: January 8, 2008 in books, Christmas, sports

Though I’m not a fan of any particular team in the SEC, I think we can now put to rest the conversation about which conference is the best in the nation — though I’m sure USC fans might like to have a crack at LSU.


I’m wondering why we read. Recently, I wrote a post about books and a “literacy” group linked to it. On their page, they write about the importance of reading, but I found it interesting that they never said “why” reading is important. And this past Sunday I heard a sermon where the preacher spent five minutes talking about the importance of reading.

It seems like people read for lots of reasons. Have you ever thought about why you read? Why is it important to you?


Speaking of reading, my wife gave me a great book about writing for Christmas entitled, Writing to Change the World. So far, it’s great. If you write for advocacy — blogs, sermons, self-help, therapy, speeches, editorials, books for churches, etc…, — you’ll love this book.


The New Hampshire primary is today! I’ll be up late tonight, I suspect.


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