Writing to Change the World

Posted: February 12, 2008 in books, missional

From Mary Pipher’s Writing to Change the World:

“Jesus exemplifies our confused attitudes about radicals. To the entrenched, greedy powers of His time, He was a real troublemaker. He was a pacifist who disdained the wealthy and religious hypocrites, and He befriended prostitutes and beggars. Yet for two thousand years, He has been revered. Still, if He were writing and preaching today, most likely he would be regarded as a subversive and a kook.

“In the upside-down world of America today, our culture’s dysfunctional message is that healthy people accept the world as it is. We are powerless. Also, we hear that only radical nuts or quixotic fuzzy-brains work for social and political change. Yet powerlessness produces despair, in people and stagnation in cultures. Throughout history, it has been the strong people who have endeavored to make their communities better. Healthy people act.”


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