Posted: February 13, 2008 in perspective, sports

Was anyone as astonished as I was to see Roger Clemens throw his wife under the bus yesterday? Roger said that his wife, Debbie, not him, took HGH. So the HGH user in the house was Debbie, not Roger.

Not only that, but his best friend, Andy Petitte took HGH, but not Roger. Another teammate, Chuck Knoblauch took HGH, but not Roger. And Roger’s trainer peddled HGH, but never to his best customer…Roger.

Everyone close to Roger — including his wife — was dirty, but not Roger. Really?

Okay. That’s believable!

However, whether you believe Roger or not, you have to feel for what his family is going through, particularly his sons. If he really is innocent, this is almost the worse thing that can happen to a professional athlete.

The entire steroid era of baseball should force all of us to ask questions about what is truly important in life. How important is personal success? What are we willing to sacrifice to climb to the top of the mountain.? It should also highlight how fleeting applause and acclaim are. Like Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the people who cheer you one day will be calling for your head (figuratively) as soon as the winds change.

Success clearly isn’t worth doing anything for.


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