Tax Time

Posted: March 25, 2008 in family

As you know, tax time is upon us. I don’t think I know anyone who “enjoys” paying taxes, even though we all use tax dollars — streets, infrastructure, national security, schools, police enforcement, etc — and the headache of having to comb through your receipts and bills from last year make the process even more mind-numbing. Yet there are some interesting things to ponder as you prepare your  W-2.

1. The number of people who will be waiting in line to file their taxes on April 15. Surely these are the same folks who go shopping on Christmas Eve.

2.  89% of Americans give less that 2% of their after-tax income to charity. So much for all that pretense from people who say they tithe.

3. A tax attorney friend of mine says that Pastor’s income tax returns often raise eyebrows at the IRS because they give away a disproportionate percentage of their income (more than 2% I suspect).

4. Americans who make more that $150,000 on average give 2.2% of their income to charity.

5.  The landmark case regarding minister’s housing allowance was The IRS vs Rick Warren. Warren won! Warren is a man of integrity, and his uprightness allowed those of us who don’t make millions from ministry to keep our housing allowances. Thank goodness it wasn’t The IRS vs. Paula White or some other religious swindler. We’d all be in trouble

6. Thank heavens for little deductions!



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