Happy Father’s Day

Posted: June 14, 2008 in family, fatherhood, home, kids, life

Today is Father’s Day. As I was playing with my daughters earlier I realized that they are what makes me a father, and they are the reason I want to be a good father. Chris Rock once said that father’s of daughters have one job: “to keep their daughters off the pole.” Obviously there is a little more to it than that, but certainly not any less. Being a father is a sacred trust. I’m learning how to be a better disciple of Jesus through discipling my kids.

This father’s day I’m also learning how deeply I am indebted to my own father, even though we have not lived in the same place since I was 13, I am grateful for all that he has taught me. As my recently deceased favorite journalist once said, “The older I get the smarter my father gets.”

Today I’m also mindful of the millions of Americans with my skin tone who — for one reason or another — never knew their fathers. It is a plague that is killing our country and slowly relegating blacks to a permanent underclass. (Helen Andrews has a wonderful article about the subject here.)

So to all the good fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day. You are an inspiration to me and you are doing the most important work that can be done.

  1. brianh15 says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble…but tomorrow is father’s day. Today is June 14…Father’s day falls on June 15 in 2008.

  2. Sean says:


    My bubble is fine. I didn’t suspect many people would be checking out the blog at 10:30 pm (CST), so it is posted for tomorrow. I know the 15th is Father’s Day because it is also my birthday. It’s a busy time (Loving Day, Father’s day, my birthday, my brother’s birthday, Juneteenth, etc…)

    Tomorrow I have a class to teach, a sermon to preach and TWO events to celebrate (birthday and Father’s) and didn’t think I’d have time to blog, so I thought I’d post early.

    Silly me, I didn’t think anyone would mind.

    My apologies.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Happy birthday AND happy father’s day – you are a great dad – I have seen it with my very own eyes!

  4. brianh15 says:

    Ahaha. Yes, I do search peoples blogs late at night. Your a smart man to post it ahead. 🙂

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