Why AT&T Is Stupid!

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Apple computers, iPhone

In May, after our Sprint contract was complete, Rochelle and I switched to AT&T. This move was made in anticipation of my switching to the iPhone 3g, which I had saved for for some time. The new iPhone has been listed at $199 – a price I was willing to pay. Today AT&T announced it’s pricing for the iPhone 3g.

Lo and behold, for old iPhone users the price will be $199. For people who sign-up new (after July 11), the price will be $199, but for people who aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet (new folks whose contracts are not upgrade eligible yet) the price is going to be $399. For the math challenged that roughly $200 EXTRA.

Well, AT&T will not get my money. Which is a stupid, stupid decision. Over the course of the next two years, AT&T will NOT get over $440 from me, because they want to tease out an extra $200. Does that make business sense? If someone was going to give you $440 for $200, wouldn’t you take it?

Perhaps they are counting on people ponying up the extra, but I won’t and believe most people won’t either. $199 is already too much to pay for a phone, and it took me a long time to save for it and convince myself that it was worth it. $399 is way too much. What’s more, I — and many others — simply don’t like to be cheated.

  1. Tim Rueb says:

    Yes, we are having similar problems with AT&T. I am also planning on getting an iPhone, but am now rethinking purchasing the iPhone because of this poor partner choice made by Apple.

    The iPhone issue aside, we had some phones destroyed by our boys and didn’t have insurance on them. Instead of making sure we were happy and satisfied, even with a different phone other then a basic one, they treated us as if we would be their customers forever and that we would forget how poorly they treated us in this situation.

    I for one will not extend any of my contracts with them and will begin planning my exodus from this poor customer service company – YES that is the poor customer service company AT&T – a very poor customer service company. (added this last part just to see if anyone is checking the blogs from AT&T)

  2. Clayman says:

    I am not a huge fan of any wireless company. But the one that’s treated me the best is T-Mobile. Having said that, their internet is not quite the best. Well, it’s really bad. They don’t have internet. They have “T-Zones”. But if you’re just using the phone to talk (which is what phones are for – although I REALLY want an iPhone) they’re great!

    Sprint – now there’s a crooked organization!

  3. bdp says:

    I have been a customer with Att for over 10 tens with great customer service and support. I do have work phone with sprint and in my area the coverage is sub par. I will agree that T-Mobile has better customer service but not available in all markets. now to IPhone do not forget at 399 it is still cheaper then the original Iphone at 599 to me that is a 200 savings for a better network phone.
    There is also to consider that cell phone companies don’t make money form phones they actually lose anywhere from 50-70% there money is made on service plans.
    Please call ATT and speak to a regional manager they can help with some of your problems.


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