No Room For Ca$h!

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Apple computers, consumerism, covet, iPhone, ranting

The world is in trouble! Big, big, big, freakin’ huge trouble! The reason? No one takes ca$h!

In my seemingly endless curiosity and lust for the iPhone 3G, I stopped by my local Apple store today to check out the machine first hand. First, I was shocked that nearly a month after its introduction, there was still a sizable line to purchase the device. Second, going with my gut, I asked a Mac Specialist if someone had to purchase the iPhone with a credit card (for some reason, this is how the iPhone rolls). The answer was yes. You cannot buy an iPhone with cash or a check, only a credit card. Then the aforementioned Mac Specialist told me that you could purchase an Apple gift card with cash and then buy an iPhone with the gift card.


You can buy the card  with cash but not the phone that you bought the card to buy.

What’s more, last week — while in Mississippi for my grandmother’s funeral — my mom went to the bank to buy a money order. At the window she was instructed that she could not purchase a money order with cash. Instead they asked her to deposit the money, they would then write her a counter check, and she could purchase the money order with the counter check.

Are you hearing this people?

They no longer take ca$h at the bank!


My friend, Jesse Ward, had a simple statement as his “status” on Facebook a while back and I think it’s worth repeating.  It said, “Jesse Ward thinks society is losing control of itself.” Well, Jesse, I agree!

  1. Joe says:

    That’s funny because you’ll be hard pressed to find places of business (particularly dining establishments) here in NYC that will take anything but cash. hmm…

  2. Sean says:

    Yet another reason I wish I lived in NYC.

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