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Why AT&T Is Stupid!

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Apple computers, iPhone

In May, after our Sprint contract was complete, Rochelle and I switched to AT&T. This move was made in anticipation of my switching to the iPhone 3g, which I had saved for for some time. The new iPhone has been listed at $199 – a price I was willing to pay. Today AT&T announced it’s pricing for the iPhone 3g.

Lo and behold, for old iPhone users the price will be $199. For people who sign-up new (after July 11), the price will be $199, but for people who aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet (new folks whose contracts are not upgrade eligible yet) the price is going to be $399. For the math challenged that roughly $200 EXTRA.

Well, AT&T will not get my money. Which is a stupid, stupid decision. Over the course of the next two years, AT&T will NOT get over $440 from me, because they want to tease out an extra $200. Does that make business sense? If someone was going to give you $440 for $200, wouldn’t you take it?

Perhaps they are counting on people ponying up the extra, but I won’t and believe most people won’t either. $199 is already too much to pay for a phone, and it took me a long time to save for it and convince myself that it was worth it. $399 is way too much. What’s more, I — and many others — simply don’t like to be cheated.