New Orleans 1

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Everything

These are some scenes from our travel day and first day in New Orleans. I try to narrate the day, but when the work starts, video-making has to end.

We had a great first day. Lots of sweat, hard work, nicks, small cuts, and a little blood! Just a little blood. Don't worry.

Tomorrow we are feeding the homeless at 7:30 AM, spending some time at a local nursing home which is sheltering elderly people displaced from Katrina. We have some musical gifts, so we are gonna use them tomorrow. 

I'm not sure when the next video will go up. It takes a little time to get them done (as you can see it's a rough cut), and time is something that we don't have much of. 


  1. Joe says:

    Sean, glad to see the work you guys are doing in NO. Keep it up. Word is, churches are making a difference there whereas the gov is dragging their feet. Praise God for you and the kids.

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