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Posted: August 22, 2008 in friends, grace, life, Obama, reading, sports, theology

A strange thing happens when you’re not blogging: You keep coming up with blog ideas! When I’m actively blogging I spend traffic time and shaving time thinking about the blog, but when there is no blog to write, there are ideas aplenty.

For instance, here are some blog ideas that nevere turned into blogs because of my short hiatus from blogging.

1. Olympics: (A) Why can male beach volleyball players perform fine in a sleevless t-shirt and long shorts, but the woman have to wear…well, they wear next to nothing? This also bring up the question of why sportsradio callers need to talk about the “hotness” level of professional athletes. (B) Does the Chinese Olympic Committee think we really can’t tell what a 16-year-old is suppossed to look like? (C) How big of a fool does Michael Phelps’ dad feel like now? His son is the greatest Olympian ever, but he left them when Michael was a boy. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Think about that when your ex-wife is making bank doing Chunky Soup commercials next month.

2. Presidential Politics: Many Christian people I know have taken criticism for supporting Obama from their conservative friends and blog readers. Some wonder: How can you support a candidate who is “pro-abortion” (they use “pro-abortion” as if people are hosting mall kiosk asking poor, unwed mothers-to-be to sign-up)? I believe there is a discussion to be had concerning life issues, but I would ask everyone to sign-up in iTunes for the Catalyst Podcast and listen to the interview with Mike Huckabee (who I so wish had won the Republican nomination).

In essence, Huckabee says – as he will in his forthcoming book in the fall – that some Christians and Christian leaders have sold out some of their beliefs for political access. He challenges Christian to be concerned about “Life” issues which include, but are not limited to, abortion. He talks about race and grace in an interesting way that more Christians need to engage. Of particular interest are his reflections concerning clemency for criminals. He comes across as a gracious man who is actully concerned about life, not just dictating how others live theirs. Plus, Huckabee adds, too many Christian vote on the issue of abortion and “do nothing else” concerning life issues.

3. Canonical Theism. A professor of mine, Dr. Frederick Aquino, was a contributing writer to the book, Canonical Theism: A Proposal for Theology and Church. It is a fascinating read which opens the Bible, Theology and the Church in new and exciting ways. If you read academic theology, pick-up this book!

  1. Donna Himes says:

    Hi Sean, I was at Bering 6 years ago…

    I enjoy your Blog.

    Amazon did not have the cannonical theism reference. any suggestions?

    Would Multnomah Biblical Seminary bookstore have it? Its just down the street from me.

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