Following Directions

Posted: September 12, 2008 in family, prayer

First, I ask of you to pray for me and my fellow residents of Houston, TX as Hurricane Ike bears down on our city. As a boy, my family referred to me as “Reverend Ike” because I used to mimic the song leader in church. (Note: Reverend Ike was a black TV preacher who used to tel his congregation that they needed to give more money so he could buy a new Cadillac or a new house.)

Now the very same namesake threatens the lives and property of many people I care for. Me, my wife, and two daughters left Houston yesterday to head to her mothers in Salado. All signs pointed to  the fact that our house – west of the city in Katy – was going to be fine, save wide-spread power outages. Because one of Rochelle’s college roommates was near Salado, and since her mom’s birthday is this week, we thought it would be a great time to get out of town. Plus, who wants to be in a house with no power with a 4- and 1-year old? At any rate, I ask for your prayers for those members of my church who remain in harm’s way.

Sadly, 90,000 people who were supposed to evacuate did not. My oldest daughter always ask us why it is so important to follow directions. This why: Sometimes the expert know more than you do. I told my wife after the great TEXodus stirred by Hurricane Rita years ago, when people spent 12 hours in cars to go 20 miles, that the next time a storm came, people who stay home. Unfortunately, I think many have chosen to stay. May God bless and cover them!

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