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Posted: September 14, 2008 in Blogroll, blogs

Most blog writers are blog readers. They are typically people who love the world of words and ideas and the way words and ideas become realities in the real world. The average blogger begins his or her day in front of the computer checking their favorite blogs. This is what I do. So today I offer you some of my favorite blog stops and why they’re my favs. I hope you’ll check them out.

1. Mark Love’sAll That To Say.” Seriously Mark is one of the few Church of Christ people (my tribe) who has much interesting to say. And he says it well. You won’t find recycled bad ideas here, and his stuff on missional transformation is some of the best you’ll read anywhere. Plus, there is always a freshness to blogs written by people who are well-educated and committed to life-long learning. You owe it to yourself to read Mark’s stuff.

2. Brian McLaren’s Blog. Well, obviously, it’s Brian McLaren. Whether you agree with Brian about everything or not, you can’t help but be challenged by his thinking. He just recently began a series entitled “Why I’m Voting For Obama and Hope You Will Too.” This goes far beyond the soundbite culture that we’re so used to in our political discourse. There’s real thinking here; much more than who said what about lipstick.

3. Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed. McKnight is a professor and simply the most prolific blogger in the world. What is great about Jesus Creed is Scot’s balance. Also, his political blogs reveal the great spectrum of diversity within Christendom and politics. The commenters are all over the place. Scot post about three blogs per day, so there’s always a lot to read.

4. Tony Jones’ Blog. Tony is the National Coordinator for Emergent Village. Tony will be edgy for many people, but I really like his frankness. Soon Tony will be heading over to blog at beliefnet. It will be interesting to watch the conversation he generates there.

5. Russ and Rebecca Debenport’s “Riding a Tangent”. R&R are great friends of ours, and both work for Compassion International. It’s always fun to follow thier travels.

Go ahead and place these stops in your bookmarks or put them on RSS. Your world and words will be expanded.

  1. Rebecca says:

    thanks for the shout-out . . . but we should probably update from the “BBQ of Biblical Proportions” that’s been up for two weeks!

  2. Hey! Nice blog! It just so happens you are my blog of the day! I hope you have many new visitors to day, to God’s honor, glory, and praise.


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