My Favorite Pray-er

Posted: September 18, 2008 in advocacy, church, Missional Church, poverty, prayer, Rochelle, spiritual formation, surrender, theology, words

In so many ways my wife, Rochelle, is my inspiration. More than the dismissive “wing beneath my wings,” she is the very breath that gives me life. She challenges my thinking (which is the reason I married her). She refines my rough edges,  tells me when I’m off base, and lets me know when what I’m about to say or write shouldn’t be said or written.

So today, I’m posting a prayer she wrote. The prayer itself is about a year old. It appeared on Edward Fudge’s GracEmail last year and was reprinted in at least one church bulletin with which we have no connection. Though the prayer is a year old, the ideas are as fresh and needed. Here you go…


Heavenly Father, our Redeemer, Friend and Lord,

We come before you to worship you. We live to bring glory to your name, to testify that you alone are worthy and righteous, full of truth, the Giver of life.  You alone are God.  We, your children, stand before you in need of your grace, for we have sinned against you and against your creation.

We confess that we have allowed our thirst for truth to be satisfied by what is false.
We have traded our desire for what is holy and accepted what is common.
For this, we seek your forgiveness.

We confess the sins of our lips, for words spoken harshly to others, for words spoken about others, and for our failure to speak of you to those around us in need of your love.
For this, we seek your forgiveness.

We confess that we have ignored the poor and the orphan.  We have forgotten the prisoner and the widow.
We confess we have sought justice for ourselves and left the foreigner, the minority, to fend for himself.
We confess we have used our resources to meet our own desires and have not dedicated them to your purposes and glory.
For this, we seek your forgiveness.

We confess that at times we have made ourselves the judge, deciding what sins are forgivable and what sins are not…
We confess acting as judge, claiming to know who is included in your kingdom and who is not…
For this, we seek your forgiveness.

O, Father, we are in need of your grace.  In this moment, through this service, renew us.  Transform us.  Make us selfless and courageous, that we may step boldly into and participate in your redemptive work in the world.

We thank you for your steadfast love that grants us new mercies each day.
We thank you for your redeeming love that allows us to know you, to know others and that allows us to love freely, without prejudice or hesitation.

Now, to You, O Creator, King of all ages, immortal, invisible, the only true and living God, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen.


P.S. There’s some language in the prayer she might change now, but you’ll have to talk to her about that.

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