2011 Preaching Plan

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Bible, church, homiletics, leadership, preaching

This is the time of year when I solidify the preaching/teaching calendar for next year. I’m excited about the terrain we’ll be covering at Redwood Church this spring. I’m so excited that I wanted to tell you now so you can make your plans to visit — plus, I needed to throw-up a post today.

First off, is a short ( 2 sermons) series, I’m calling “Win1”. The long and short of it is that we want to encourage people to “invest” in people and “invite” people to one of our environments, preferably Sunday worship or one of our small groups.

Then we’ll launch into a 4-week series on work, entitled, “The Office.” Four topics include (1) a theology of work, (2) how to fire your boss, (3) are you really “workin’ for the weekend, and (4) too much for 24: how to be ok with not getting it all done. I’m using one of my former professor’s books, “Responsive Labor” as a backdrop. This series can change the way you approach and feel about your work. If you’re happy with your job and family, you need this. If you’re not happy, you need this.

The weight of the spring teaching will center on The Fruit of the Spirit. The series is called, “There’s An App For That.” The Fruit of the Spirit are both gradual and inevitable. They serve as down-payment of the fullness of God’s Spirit. You want your life to get better, the Fruit of the Spirit is the ticket coupled with a heavy-dose of spiritual disciplines (call them “practices” if you’re a wimp).

Easter services we’re simply calling, “The Event”

After Easter, I’ll be preaching a congregation-driven series. It’s called, “I Have a Friend Who….” I’ll invite the congregation – especially young adults and teenagers – to submit the burning questions of their friends regarding faith, religion and Christianity. I think I can pretty much pick the questions that’ll be asked, but what the heck, I’ll let them decide.

If you’re around the Bay Area, come check it out.


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