Get Some Education…For People Who Need It!

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Matt Worthington is good friends and teacher at MacFarland Middle School in the Washington DC Public School system. As you know, schools everywhere, especially urban schools, are in a financial trouble. Teachers, somehow, have become the new enemy, but as the son of a career educator I know first hands that the men and women teaching in inner-city schools deserve combat pay rather than disdain (my father once had a parent pull a gun on him!!). Plus, if your’e the kind of person who still believes that education in the best social, cultural, and financial elevator, I have great opportunity for you.

Matt and his students at MacFarland are in a contest to win $50,000 for an Apple Mobile Learning Lab through the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest and they NEED YOUR HELP!! After logging onto the site you’ll be able to read more and ask Matt any questions about McFarland and urban schools. You can also vote by texting “107022” to 73774 to vote for Matt and McFarland. Matt and the McFarland crew are currently ranked 32 out 258 contestants, but in order to get the grant we have to rank top 10. We need you, this blog community and my friends, to make this happen!

Here’s three ways MacFarland Friends and Family can vote everyday:
  1. Register to Vote & Vote Here Everyday
  2. Text “107022” to 73774 (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
  3. POWER VOTING at our profile page using 10-digit codes found under Pepsi Bottle Caps and other Pepsi Products.

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