About Me.


Sean is the Senior Minister at Redwood Church in Redwood City, California.  As Senior Minister, Sean oversees teaching and preaching ministries, leads the ministerial staff and coordinates the vision and mission of the congregation.  Sean currently serves as a Director on the board of The Peninsula Clergy Network, an interactive network of all clergy in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties designed  to build knowledge, understanding and working relationships between religious and civic leaders. Sean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Abilene Christian University and will soon complete a Master of Divinity.  Prior to living in California, Sean served as Associate Minister at Bering Drive church of Christ, Houston, TX, and Youth and Family Minister at Harvey Drive church of Christ, McAllen, TX.

Sean is a frequent speaker and teacher for various audiences, speaking annually to youth and adults.   He is a frequent participant in the lectureships at Pepperdine University and Abilene Christian University.  Sean was a contributing writer for The Voice Bible Project, a Bible translation project through the Ecclesia Bible Society.  As an advocate for the community and the church, Sean is a past member of the Board of Directors of Spaulding for Children, a not-for-profit adoption agency in Houston, TX, where he served as Chair for Faith-Based Outreach, leader of Emergent Village’s EmergentHouston Cohort and  a member of the Abilene Christian University Alumni Advisory Board. He is husband to Rochelle Stripling Palmer, a licensed social worker and father to Malia, 6 and Katharine, 3.  His sermons can be heard online at www.redwoodchurch.org or subscribed to via iTunes.