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After Ike

Posted: September 15, 2008 in Everything
A personal update on what me and the family have been doing in the days after Hurricane Ike ripped through the Texas Gulf Coast.

While I’m Not Blogging, Part 2

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Everything

While I’m still not blogging, I thought you might be interested in ACU’s mLearning initiative’s coverage in the NY Times. The paper mentions Freed-Hardeman, but ACU was the first university in the country to go with iPhones, and I just generally  care less about Freed-Hardeman (not saying they’re bad; I just didn’t go to school there). Read the story here.

While I’m Not Blogging

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Everything

While I’m not blogging, I thought you might be interested in research that shows kids who attend church weekly have better grades. You can find it here.


Posted: August 13, 2008 in Everything

I’m doing something that doesn’t quite make sense: taking a hiatus from blogging. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because this summer, this space has had a record number of readers. For some reason a lot of people have been checking out The Palmer Perspective.

I’m taking a break because I have a few things to work on, and some rest that needs to be taken. No, the blog doesn’t necessarily take much time, but one less thing to think about is needed right now. It’s been a long, hot, worrisome summer for me and my family, and I just need one less thing on my plate for a few weeks.

So, if you haven’t already, put The Palmer Perspective on an RSS Feed so you’ll know when new content is up without having to check out the page everyday.

My prayers are with you and yours. I’m off to check a birthday cake.

— Sean

New Orleans #2

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Everything

We had a full day today. Our team worked in Port Suphur — somewhere south of New Orleans, I think. The folks down there are having an amazingly difficult time recovering. Our group was at two homes, Jake’s and Rose’s. We got some really great video, but some slight computer difficulties are keeping me from posting them. (I’m pretty angry with both my computer and my camera right now.)

We met a man named Pete, who was overseeing things for Jake’s rebuild. He cooked our dinner, a Cajun Boil (shrimp, potatoes, cajun spices, onions, lemons, sausage, crab and a bunch of other stuff). In addition, Pete made barbeque chicken and hot dogs.

Jake’s house was completely destroyed by Katrina. 3 years later he has a foundation. While we were working, a local TV Station came by to film. They were working on a special called “Katrina: Three Years Later.” Believe it or not, and as nice as the picture look on TV, there is much recovery needed here. Apparently, the government has done nearly all they are going to do and churches are tending toward more “glamorous” sights.

Keep our team and New Orleans in your prayers.

New Orleans 1

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Everything

These are some scenes from our travel day and first day in New Orleans. I try to narrate the day, but when the work starts, video-making has to end.

We had a great first day. Lots of sweat, hard work, nicks, small cuts, and a little blood! Just a little blood. Don't worry.

Tomorrow we are feeding the homeless at 7:30 AM, spending some time at a local nursing home which is sheltering elderly people displaced from Katrina. We have some musical gifts, so we are gonna use them tomorrow. 

I'm not sure when the next video will go up. It takes a little time to get them done (as you can see it's a rough cut), and time is something that we don't have much of.